Welcome Aboard!

How many of us have purchased a paper nautical chart for displaying as wall decor? A great idea, but there are inherent problems. The traditional chart is meant for navigation, thus it is printed on low quality paper. It will fade and discolor no matter how it is framed. In addition, there is the high cost of conventional framing. Given this scenario, the concept was clear; what if a chart could be custom printed on fine art media, avoiding the paper chart entirely?

The Nautical Chart Co. was founded to create fine art nautical charts for wall decor. Our innovative concept is printing on heavyweight art canvas, which renders an extraordinary look and texture to the art. It is then finished in the popular gallery wrap format. We also produce commercial quality woven vinyl wall coverings. These are available in various sizes, up to 10' x 15'. Contact us for details.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.